Auto Tips: Websites Selling Car Alloy Wheels

Posted by Admin at 21 January 2018, at 23 : 29 PM

Auto Tips: Websites Selling Car Alloy Wheels

Replacing the standard steel wheels with car alloy wheels will reduce the unsprung weight of your car. This is because as a material, alloy is much lighter than the original steel road wheels, so the weight on the suspension reduces dramatically, which seriously improves the handling and braking. And if at that point you decide to upsize from lets say 15″ to 17″ alloys, you will get further improvement in the handling of your car. But of course, always check the clearance before upsizing, to avoid potential clearance problems if you pick bigger wheels.

On a side view, wheels cover approximately 25% of the vehicle surface and this fact shows how important is the influence of alloy wheels in the general look of a car. It has also been statistically proved that, though wheels are one of the five safety components of a car, although new alloy wheels are chosen in 85% of the cases, purely owing to their aesthetic appeal.

There are online sites that have pro alloy wheel experts that will help you with your selection problems and will go over your car alloy wheel & tyre options & help you get the perfect set of alloy wheels and tyres for your car. In stock, they have alloy wheels, replica wheels, chrome wheels, car racing wheels and offer custom wheels. At their websites, you can search for alloy wheels by car, size or manufacturer. Searching by car is the recommended option as it will only display the alloy wheels which are made in the correct fitment for your car. This will ensure that you only see alloy wheels which are available for your chosen car. In case your car model is not listed at all, you can e-mail them the details using the website’s “contact us section” listing your car Make Model and Year.

There is another website that offers a wide variety of custom wheels and tires and an application specific database which displays only wheels and tires that fit your vehicle. They also offer a Fitment Guarantee to ensure that what we recommend will fit your vehicle properly.

Wolfrace alloy wheels have a worldwide reputation of offering products from only the highest quality. With over thirty years of experience in the alloy wheel industry producing a consistently high quality product, you can be sure that all Wolfrace alloy wheels are the result of continuous research into design and manufacture techniques. Lionhart is a range of premium alloy wheels launched in early 2006 by Wolfrace and represents some of the best models from this brand. A very interesting feature of their website, is the Wolfrace Wheel Simulator, which is a comprehensive tool designed to give an accurate representation of how Wolfrace Alloys will look on your vehicle, as well as giving fitment information relating to the selected vehicle.

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