Important things you need to know about Car Care Warranty

Posted by Admin at 2 November 2015, at 18 : 32 PM

Important things you need to know about Car Care Warranty

Warranty services for cars are extended to new and old vehicles. The value of the policies varies according to the variables. Any new vehicle may be given warranty during the purchase. All the details regarding the warranty requirement coverage and the person responsible to the render services during the warranty period should be put in writing during the time of purchase. Warranties that are extended are not provided to all the purchasers. The important and major parts of the car will be covered by the manufacturer during the lease period of 3 years. In such cases warranty extension may prove to be waste of money. Models that have yielded good reputation do not need extended warranty coverage. Regular car service provides the car with longer life.

Detection of the defects will be helpful to prevent the occurrence of major damages to the car with minimum expenses. Regular and frequent car servicing combined with effective inspection programs yields better returns. The advantages of regular servicing of the car are many. The cost of the car repair will be reduced to a great extent. Problems due to break down can be avoided.

Fuel consumption turns out to be economical. The tyres will have longer life. Break discs need not be frequently replaced. The service centers throughout the nation extend plenty of efficient services that prove to be extremely effective for the maintenance of car. Jobs of the car service centers are satisfactory and highly convincing to the customers. Car Care Warranty policies cover the car mainly against mechanical breakdown.

Warranty coverage for a particular period is given to different car models. New and used cars that are less than 10 years old can avail the warranty benefits. Old cars should have undergone regular service and the mileage cover must be less than 100000. The premium amount of the warranty policies would be based on the type and level of coverage. The annual mileage is also taken into account.

Respond car warranty contract would be beneficial to the car owner to repair the mechanical breakdown. The payment of the premium can be spread over a period of one year and in case of selling the owner is permitted to transfer the policy to the buyer. This warranty coverage is applicable to private cars, motorcycles and motor caravans. This particular warranty policy is beneficial to the owner because regular repair charges for the mechanical breakdown of the car prove to be extremely expensive.

The extended warranty policies have been framed to incur only the repair charges. The mechanical or the electrical component that is prone to damage does not come under the policy coverage.

Indemnity falls on the repair costs based on the sum assured and the coverage level stated in the policy. Coverage comes under three different levels. Under level one, the original products of the manufacturer are not covered or insured. Engine and all the connected parts of the engine, manual transmission, clutch, brakes and turbo chargers are generally insured. The third coverage level is applicable only for motorcycles.

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