Is Car Insurance Fraud Affecting My Insurance Rates?

Posted by Admin at 30 August 2020, at 11 : 39 AM

Is Car Insurance Fraud Affecting My Insurance Rates?

You can be a victim of high car insurance fraud rates without even knowing it. All the time people are having their rates raised, their policies cancelled, and all of this because they were involved in a fraudulent accident where it was made to seem that they were the at fault driver, even to the point that they believe it themselves some times. It isn’t very hard to cause an accident like this, and can be as simple as claiming that something that happens every day did not. For example, when you are at a stop sign and another car signals to you that you can go ahead of them, you go. But, if this other driver wants to commit car insurance fraud, they will go as well, and then later say that you went out of turn and they never gave you a signal. You end up as the at fault driver, and a victim of car insurance fraud.

What are some other ways that you can get pulled into car insurance fraud against your will?

* Bump from behind.

One of the most successful strategies that people committing car insurance fraud use is quickly changing lanes to be in front of someone, and then hitting the brakes. The other person doesn’t have enough time to slow down to avoid an accident, but it will still be seen as their fault. The so called victims can also pretend that they got hurt in order to get more money out of it.

* And this and this and this…

Another way for them to get more money for their fraud is to, after the collision has taken place, cause more damage to their car themselves and then report it as a result of the accident. This is why it is always important to take photos and get a police report of every accident. It’s not always possible to avoid being taken in, but documenting things and practicing defensive driving go a long way.

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