How To Choose A Houston Cheap Car Rental Service

Posted by Admin at 10 July 2019, at 11 : 34 AM

How To Choose A Houston Cheap Car Rental Service

If you are planning a long holiday in Houston then one of the important things that you will need is cheap rental cars. You can check Houston cheap car rental over the Internet and also in yellow pages.

Chauffeured transportation is provided in Houston by Carey International, which is one among the many others. They recently installed some advanced technology in their vehicles so that the passengers can have access to Internet within the car. The Internet access has been provided through Ethernet or wireless connections.

Carey are one of the leading car rentals in Houston and they have added some great services in their cars, which includes a mobile office. The mobile office will have a cell phone, writing desk, 110-volt outlet (you can connect your laptop), satellite radio and some extra power points. These services are meant mostly for business executives who need to be on the move all the time. The facilities plus the competitive prices male them one of the most sought after car rental services in Houston.

If you rent a car at the Houston’s Intercontinental Airport for two days for $50 a day, then you will probably think that your bill is going to be $100. But that’s not what it will be, it will be $171. If you are wondering why, then the answer is that car rentals in Houston add various taxes and fee to that bill.

Another last minutes surprise is that of insurance. All car rental services will check your auto insurance before you can drive away with the car. Whether you are booking cheap rental cars or expensive ones, you should check your insurance cover. The car rental services will always try to sell you waivers for collision or liability damage, which can cost you an additional $30.

Normally, if you own a car and are driving it then your auto insurance will cover a rental car. In fact some of the major credit cards also offer insurance if you pay for car rentals in Houston by credit card.

When you check Houston cheap car rental, try to do a thorough check of the car that you are planning to book. Whether it’s a family car or a mid sized car or SUV, you need to check if the car is in fine running condition or not. Once this is taken care of, check the headlights. You don’t want to drive a car with no headlights. It is risky and you might have to pay a heavy fine.

Check for damages on cheap rental cars. Since the cars are rented out for cheap, there is a possibility of damages on these cars. In such a case you need to immediately inform the rental services of the damages. Always ask for a change of car, if the damages are clearly visible.

Check the number plates and the gas tank.

Once you have completed all the necessary checks, confirm from the car rental services the price and enjoy your holiday!

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