4th gen 2002 Ford Mustang V6 automatic For Sale or Trade

US $3000

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Year of Manufacture2002


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4th gen 2002 Ford Mustang V6 automatic For Sale or Trade.

For sale or trade for 3rd row suv. 02 mustang v6 auto 129k kandn cold air intake, after market CD as well as head and tail lights comes with brand new stability bar and h pipe as well as stock taillights. needs little TLC, oil change, breaks (maybe rotors as well) and muffler needs to be tightened. (check engine light is on I brought it to auto zone code was p0401 which is emissions code I explained the muff is loose he said when the muffler is tightened it will most likley go off, either way it’s not major. It’s my everyday drive I love it don’t want to get ride of it but I now have to as I live on a mountain now and need more of a SUV 4*4 vehicle feel free to contact me with any question or concerns you may have.

Asking price is $3,000

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Car located in – Readsboro, Vermont, US.

Makes: 2002-2004 Ford Mustang.

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