Advanced Mustang Cars Search

* On this page, you can search all Mustang cars by your specific location, trim, year, color or body type. *

  • How to search by specific keyword(s):
  • Just type below ↓here↓ your keyword(s) and click “search”.

  • Examples (trim, year, location, color and more are just random keywords here – you use what you need to find):
  • california — search by location only — can search country/state/city.
    GT — search by trim only (best to search location + trim – you’ll get the best results).
    1991 — search by year only (we don’t recommend to search just by year, best to search year + location).
    1991 california — search by year + location.
    1991 california GT — search by year + location + trim.

    You can also include in your search keywords: “convertible” – if you are looking for convertibles only, “white” – if you are looking for white or any other (replace “white” keyword with your color) color Mustangs only.

    Quick example:

    california convertible – all convertible Mustangs for sale in California.
    california white – all white color Mustangs for sale in California.

    Want to search by generations + more? Available generation keywords are these: “1st”, “2nd”, “3rd”, “4th”, “5th”, “6th”.


    1st california – all Mustangs (1964-1973) available for sale in California.
    1st GT – all Mustangs (1964-1973) available in GT trim.
    1st convertible – all Mustangs (1964-1973) available in convertible body type.

    All generations:

    First generation (1964½–1973) – search keyword “1st”
    Second generation (1974–1978) – search keyword “2nd”
    Third generation (1979–1993) – search keyword “3rd”
    Fourth generation (1994–2004) – search keyword “4th”
    Fifth generation (2005–2014) – search keyword “5th”
    Sixth generation (2015+) – search keyword “6th”

    Notice: Always use a full word when you type a location — Example: california=good and ca=bad. The same for years – 1991=good and 91=bad.

    Notice 2: Each ad contains “location” and “year”, so if you search by “location” or “year” or “location + year”, search accuracy will be 100%. However, if you search for example by “trim”, “color” or “body type”, search accuracy won’t be 100%, because some sellers don’t (mostly they do) include on the ad –color, trim or body type– so for the best results, search by “location” or “year” or “location + year”.

    Notice 3: Search also gives you alternative results (these results are always below your exact match keywords – can be on the same page just at the bottom if your search query has only a few results that match your query or on 2nd, 3rd, 4th…page) if your search query doesn’t have a lot of results that match your query. Example: if you search by location + color, you will see some alternative results that are in the same location/color but different color/location – again, these alternative results will be below your exact match keywords.

    • Use the contact us[<-Click] page if you don’t understand something. We can answer all your questions!