Report Mustang Listing

  • How to report inactive Mustang ads:
  • We have here a lot of Mustangs listed for sale. Sometimes a seller may forget to mark his/her Mustang as SOLD (by not informing us) when the car is sold.

    If you’ve sent an inquiry or called (or both) and haven’t received a response, report that listing to us [If a phone number is given (no e-mail option) and no one answers – you can report after several attempts (at least 2 attempts and must be at least 24 hours passed after your first call); if you’ve sent an inquiry (no phone number) and no response after 3 days – you can report that ad]. If you can see on the ad a phone number and e-mail option (both available) and no response (must try both options before reporting) as mentioned previously – you can report that ad.

    Use the contact us [<-Click] page for reporting inactive Mustang ads. Don’t forget to include a direct link to your reported listing (copy-paste its URL).

    Your reported Mustang ad will be marked as SOLD if the seller doesn’t respond to us within 3 days.

    • Use the contact us[<-Click] page if you don’t understand something. We can answer all your questions!