5th generation 2008 Ford Mustang 4.0 V6 For Sale

US $5800

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5th generation 2008 Ford Mustang 4.0 V6 For Sale.

I have my 08 mustang for sale she has 130,000 miles on her she is my daily she was in an accident i got hit from the front left side no air bags went off recently both fenders were replaced head lights are new as well from American muscle.com halo head lights new turn signal indicators the hood an bumper as well i paid about 800 for the bumper it self right now she is primed an all she needs is a paint job but i dont really have the time for that right now. the diff it self is a 373 gear ratio i also have a 331 that will be sold with the car it is a 5 speed Manuel the interior is pretty clean i am the second owner of this car the clutch starts to slip in 3rd gear if you really give it to her so i already have a replacement clutch that will be sold with the car as well an i figured if the clutch is going to be changed out might as well do the U joints so i also have new u joints from ford she has ford racing springs on right now she also comes with a new water pump an a replacement for the right tail lamp there is no harm to the light it self i just have extra parts laying around just in case she WILL pass smog she also has a master flow exhaust so shes pretty loud there is a light tearing on the floor of the driver side carpet where the clutch is i believe an the leather from the door panels is coming off engine wise the engine it self is stock there has not been any work done to the engine she is running off of her stock tune from ford I’ve had seat covers on the front seats since the second day i bought the car. 4.0 leader engine V6.

Asking $5,800 OBO

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Car located in – Los Angeles, California, US.

Makes: 2005-2008 Ford Mustang.

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