5th gen blue 2014 Ford Mustang coupe manual For Sale

US $25000

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Year of Manufacture2014


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5th gen blue 2014 Ford Mustang coupe manual For Sale.

2014 Ford Mustang 32V 5.0
Miles: 105,700
Engine: 5.0L
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Transmission
Price: $25,000
Description: I have an amazing 2014 Ford Mustang 5.0L for sale, basically a stock car but has amazing potential. The car does have a aftermarket exhaust that sounds amazing.

Contact phone – (336)-782-2992 – (use phone number only, don’t send inquiries – contact by email is not available).

Car located in – Mocksville, North Carolina, US.

Makes: 2012-2014 Ford Mustang.

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