Blue Vortech V2 Supercharged 1990 Ford Mustang GT [SOLD]


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Year of Manufacture1990


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Blue Vortech V2 Supercharged 1990 Ford Mustang GT For Sale.

For sale is my Vortech V2 Supercharged 1990 Mustang GT with a Snow Stage 2 methanol injection kit that is safely tuned to 486 RWHP and 466 LB FT torque (dyno video is available upon request) by DynoTuneMP.

The dyno pull video:


A walk around video is also available upon request.

The car has 100K miles on the body and approximately 100 miles on the build. It has a 1992 Borg Warner 5 speed manual transmission and the entire car underwent a recent refresh/restoration.

I have described the car as best as I can in the individual descriptions below. Yes, it is a long description (5 or more printed pages), but very little went untouched on this car. I’ve also included highlights immediately below.

The title is clean (and in hand), and I would rather see someone else enjoy it as I am seeking to downsize my car collection and focus more time on my kids. Serious buyers only. No tire kickers. I do not need help selling the car. And to scammers – don’t waste your time. In cash (meet at a local bank branch) or wire transfer. Buyer is responsible for arranging pickup/transportation. I prefer to show this car before a sale is completed because I want the buyer to be happy. The car is available for sale locally, so I reserve the right to end this listing early if the car sells elsewhere.


• 1990 Ford Mustang GT painted to original paint code (Ultra Blue two tone)
• Saleen rear spoiler with cowl hood and hood pins
• Cobra R replica wheels with brand NEW tires
• NEW as less than 25 miles on them; Dunlop Sportmaxx 245/40/R17 in the front and Nitto 275/40/R17 NT 555R in the rear
• Stock bottom end with built upper end
• Vortech V2 S trim supercharger with UPR boost master pipe making 14lbs of boost on 93 octane
• Snow Stage 2 Methanol injection kit
• 5 speed transmission (see description for upgrades below)
• Long tube headers with MAC pro-chamber mufflers
• Strong chassis with custom built roll bar and welded in sub frame connectors
• Nice interior with Cipher (blue/black) racing seats, Kenwood Bluetooth radio, NEW speakers, NEWLloyd floor mats and aftermarket gauges.

I have owned the car since the fall of 2015 when I bought it from a Foxbody tuner/restorer in Ohio. The car was built to 300 RWHP. In the Spring of 2016, I took it to DynotuneMP in Hampshire, IL to have the forced inductionupgrade completed and professionally tuned. Mike Post at DynotuneMP is considered one of the best Mustang tuners in the REMOVED.

The power rating is considered the safe limit for this car on the current build. The Snow stage 2 methanol kit provides an extra layer of reliable protection, which makes this a great streetcar.

The car has never been in an accident according to Car Fax, the core support is straight, and THE TOWERS DO NOT HAVE RUST ON THEM. The car is mostly rust free and strong structurally to handle the torque.

The previous owner had this car in his personal stable and it was a couple year project that saw a complete refresh/restoration in which just about every bolt, wiring harness, interior piece, and exterior piece was addressed. There are a few things I have not gotten to. Please refer to the “work needed” section at the end.

Overall, if you are looking for a daily driver with a/c or heat that is quiet, won’t wake the neighbors, rides like a luxury car, or looks like any ordinary Foxbody Mustang, THIS IS NOT YOUR CAR. This car is a head turner (compliments everywhere) that is loud, has a rough idle, a roll cage, a V2 supercharger whine, and has a clutch that needs getting used to given the cam profile. It is probably a 10 second car, that required much labor of love and $$$$ (more than the asking price) to complete. In other words, on heck of a fun car to drive. I HAVE RECEIPTS FROM THE SUPERCHARGER INSTALL.

Here is a breakdown of the car by category.


• Fresh machined E7TE block that was pressure tested and machined using a 500 stone ball home. Block was a perfect core with a perfect bore. Has machined stamps in the block under the heads.
• Stock bottom end with TRW forged pistons.
• NEW rod/main/cam bearings. All STD sizes. Crank/cam were polished.
• E303 camshaft with ford racing lifters
• Plasma moly hellfire rings w 24 thou gap. Top/bottom
• GT40P cylinder heads with completely rebuilt Trickflow valve spring set installed on them and set to 1.775 install height. Valves were cut and heads made flat.
• 1.72 cobra F3ZE Crane roller rockers with 6.25 comp replacement pushrods.
• Block has ARP head studs to handle the boost of the Vortech.
• UPR boost master pipe
• 60lb Ford Racing injectors
• 340 in-tank fuel pump
• Pro-M 80MM mass air meter
• GT40 NON EGR upper/lower intake
• 65MM BBK throttle body with NEW TPS
• 65MM BBK matching EGR housing with EGR delete.
• Brand NEW Comp timing chain set
• NEW high volume water pump
• Brand NEW 3G alternator w/mod with 4 gauge return wire to solenoid and 200 amp fuse box
• NEW melling standard volume oil pump
• NEW ARP oil pump driveshaft
• Fox oil pan with passenger side oil drain
• Brand NEW clutch fan with brand NEW clutch fan blade.
• Aftermarket 180 degree t-stat with aftermarket brass radiator.
• NEW battery
• NEW MSD coil
• Ford racing wires modified to fit GT40P heads and BBK headers
• Brand NEW distributor, rotor and cap
• Lots of really good gaskets such as one piece Fordracing oil pan gasket. Teflon rear main seal. Felpro 9333-PT1 head gaskets and lots of thread lock (blue) and thread sealant thru the entire block. SO, NO LEAKS, which is nice.


• BBK Ceramic coated long tube headers with 2 NEWO2 sensors
• BK mid-pipe matched to long tube headers. Painted high heat aluminum and clean
• MAC pro-chamber mufflers with dumps at the axle. Fabbed to match the mid-pipe. Painted high heat aluminum to match the mid-pipe.


• 13-52-208 (1992) world class Borg Warner transmission. Recently refreshed and rebuilt a few thousand miles ago. Carbon fiber blocker rings.
• NEW machined 50 oz. Factory style flywheel
• RAM HD clutch disc with NEW disc
• Short throw aftermarket shifter with stops and hurstshift handle.
• NEW double hook quadrant with aftermarket adjustable cable
• NEW transmission mount with modified crossover member to adjust mounting points.
• NEWer aluminum Ford Racing driveshaft with NEWerUjoints.
• Fabbed in a NEW aftermarket interior rubber transmission shifter cover mount under the console for the floor pan to minimize fumes in the car.


• Rebuilt 8.8 posi limited slip axle. This is the same axle that came in the foxbody.
• Aftermarket upper/lower control arms with NEWmetric bolts/nylon lock nuts installed from Fastenall.
• NEWer 3:73 gears installed with NEW seal
• 28-spline differential that was rebuilt/refurbished using carbon clutch packs. These packs were stacked to .655 thickness for a nice, stiff differential. Stacked per instructions on the kit with NEW gear lube/friction modifier.
• 28 spline 5 lug length aftermarket axles with Moroso3” studs installed. Rear as ½” spacers to give wheels/car better stance and offset.
• Brand NEW Ranger 9” rear drums
• Brand NEW complete side-to-side copper lines installed with NEW brake hardware and wheel cylinders.
• EBRAKE cable is connected and installed correctly. You may want to adjust according to your needs.
• Brand NEW front rotors (5 lug) These are the LincolnMark 7 rotors with NEW inner/outer bearings and seals. Also has brand NEW chain store gold series brake pads on front and rear.


* Has large aftermarket sub frame connectors welded in. Done very well and match the roll bar.
* NEWer fuel tank with NEW fuel pump and sending unit. Rust free fuel lines up to the motor.
* The body has SMR aftermarket upper/lower torque box reinforcements installed. Bolted and welded in.
* Interior has a custom bent roll bar installed with a custom bent door bar and rear seat bars. THE FULL INTERIOR IS STILL IN THE CAR.
* Eichbach rear sport springs (blue). Custom cut to fit ride height.
* Aftermarket 4” cowl hood. It is a 96 Cobra hood replica. Hard to find. Comes with hood latch that works and hood pins.
* SALEEN rear wing with GT brake light.
* Front red Ford Racing (looks like Ford Racing but cannot confirm) coil springs with custom cut to fit ride height
* Has good used KYB rear and front struts/shocks installed.
* All the exterior trim, including the mirrors, cowl, hatch and front glass window trim has all been restored using SEM trim exterior paint 39143.
* Wheels are 17” 5 lug aftermarket Cobra R wheels with BRAND NEW Dunlop and Nitto tires (<25 miles).
* Brake and fuel lines are all in good shape. Same with fuel tank straps.
* Whole kmember was removed and parts were inspected. One side has NEW ball joint. Other is fine. Rack is in good shape and all this is painted and cleaned. Tie rods seem to be fine.


* Factory titanium interior with NEW Lloyd floor mats
* Carpet was just shampooed
* NEW carpet in hatch
* Beautiful blue/ racing seats from Cipher. Matches exterior very well and are very comfortable.
* 5” monster tach
* Aftermarket oil, water, and boost gauges
* NEW Kenwood Bluetooth stereo with NEW speakers
* DOOR LOCKS DO NOT WORK. Suspect it is the locks themselves. This is common at this age for foxbody Mustangs
* Heater box has been bypassed but can be installed again if desired.


• Car was painted in September 2014 to the original car color according to the door sticker – ultra blue two tone.
• The car was painted using DELTRON (PPG) 2000 ultra blue two-tone paint. Base coat/clear coat. OMNI 161 high build urethane clear coat was applied with about 5 layers of clean on it. No runs.
• If I were to rate the paint, I would be picky and say it is a 6.5-7.5. Could use more wet sanding in spots.
• Whole car was primered AND sealed prior to painting.
• Headlights were also restored. I also purchased brand NEW Spyder Auto crystal headlights in chrome (part 5012548) wit Sylvania Silverstar Ultra (9007) high performance halogen bulbs. These have not been installed but are included with the sale. Lights and fog lights both work.
• Rear taillights are actually 1986 GT taillights, whichlook like the 1993 Cobra taillights. Those have also been restored, wet sanded, and recleared. They look brand NEW and nice.


This is overall a very nice car. A blast to drive around town, turns a lot of heads, and generates many compliments. These are a few things I had in the works that I did not get around to. Up to the buyer to determine if they want to do these things.

• VSS cable/speedo cable has a burn in the middle, which is why the speedo bounces a little from time to time. A replacement cable will be included – just have not had time to install it.
• Heater is bypassed but this was done intentionally
• Paint could be wet sanded some more, but I’m picky.
• Install the NEW chrome headlights if you desire.
• I also purchased NEW weather-stripping which I did not have time to install, but will include with the sale.
• There is also a chip in the front windshield. I will include a replacement windshield with the sale.
• The power door locks also do not work, which is a common issue with these cars.
• The front driver’s side door speaker is not working. There is a brand new speaker there.

Asking price is $REMOVED

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Makes: Recently SOLD Ford Mustang Cars.

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