White 5th gen 2008 Ford Mustang V6 automatic For Sale

US $7495

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Year of Manufacture2008


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White 5th gen 2008 Ford Mustang V6 automatic For Sale.

Read the post and you’ll see why this car was maintained better than probably 90% of all these cars that are posted. This is an incredible 2008 Ford Mustang with only 99k miles, very strong V6 4.0L engine, automatic transmission equipped with OD function which saves gas, and a clean title.

This car had only one owner, McGinnis School of Driving. From that you can already imagine how high the level of maintenance this car had. We are talking about a government regulated school that teaches young adults and teens to drive. Imagine the lawsuit they could have if suddenly one of the cars driven by a kid breaks right on the highway or in the city and causes injuries. Realization of that in addition to the law makes them be on top of taking care of their cars. Every few thousand miles intense maintenance was performed at JiffyLube. Fluid changes and flushes, brake jobs, engine and transmission inspections, tune ups, lubrication, new tires, belts, and much much more, this car had it all. Which all results in how perfect this vehicle is right now.

Full of power engine revs like a champ and allows to easily race most cars on the streets. Unnoticeable shifting, great handling, easy start, zero leaks, no check engine light, smooth suspension, everything feels like new. Cruise control, ac, heater, alarm, automatic locks and windows, over drive function, radio, AUX input, CD player, everything works.

Spotless cloth interior. Well priced compared to other similar Mustangs, especially with how well this one was taken care of. I accept trade ins PLUS cash, which will help you get rid of your older vehicle and save on taxes.

Asking $7,495

Contact phone – 580-919-0776 – (use phone number only, don’t send inquiries – contact by email is not available).

Car located in – Albuquerque, New Mexico, US.

Makes: 2005-2008 Ford Mustang.

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