Automotive Tips: Gas Mileage Calculators

Posted by Admin at 15 April 2018, at 23 : 33 PM

Automotive Tips: Gas Mileage Calculators

Gas mileage calculator is used to estimate the fuel mileage of a vehicle based on several factors. Those factors are – miles driven, gallons of fuel used, direct fuel expense per mile (optional), amount of fuel measured in gallons. As input, the gas mileage calculator requires you to enter the Current Odometer Reading as well as the Previous Odometer Reading (must be smaller than the current). By extracting the previous odometer reading from the current one, the calculator estimates the actual miles which the automobile has passed. If you know the exact number of miles you have passed, then, you can skip the current and previous odometer readings and just enter the Actual Miles. The next field is Gallons Put In The Tank and optionally, you can enter the Fuel Cost Per Gallon. As output, the gas mileage calculator provides you with the results.

You will obtain the Fuel Mileage (MPG), Fuel Direct Expense ($/mile) and Fuel Fill Expense ($/fill). Typical gas mileage calculators assume that the tank was full when you recorded the Previous Odometer reading.

There are some more sophisticated gas mileage calculators like the one on Auto Club’s Web site at This calculator takes into account the vehicle’s model and year, so it will produce a more precise trip mileage, fuel usage and gas costs, both one-way and round-trip.

The main reason why Gas Mileage Calculators (GMC) are so popular is that they provide useful information that concerns people’s budgets. For example, if you are planning a family vacation, you would want to know about the impact of high gas prices on your budgets, so that you can make the right planning and preparations. Internet websites with GMCs provide just a rough estimate of the cots, but this is still a good way for travelers to plan for their gasoline expenses and get a complete budget for their trip.

The best thing about the gas mileage calculator available at is that the fuel prices are updated on a daily basis by the Oil Price Information Service, which is the nation’s most comprehensive source of petroleum pricing information.

There are also gas mileage calculators that can compare the values for old cars and new fuel-efficient vehicles, so that you can quickly and easily compare the two sets of gas mileage figures. By having this feature, you can get a good idea of how much money you will save if you switch from a gas guzzler to a fuel-efficient automobile. Every month, drivers spend a significatn amount of money on gasoline, but the automobile industry, especially in Japan, has found ways of cutting those expenses. Just look at the latest hybrid models from Toyota, Honda and Lexus.

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