Some of the most bizarre laws related automobiles around the world

Posted by Admin at 6 January 2023, at 06 : 15 AM

Some of the most bizarre laws related automobiles around the world

Most laws are there for a reason and it’s easy to understand why they are there. Did you know there are a lot of bizarre driving laws out there? Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual driving laws in the world.

Saudi Arabia forbids women from being behind the wheel of an automobile. Women are allowed to vote but not to drive an automobile which may make going to school and work near impossible. Women who violate this rule can get arrested and even deported.

South Africa has a law that stipulates that animals always have the right of way. Those who refuse to yield can receive a fine of over $500. It’s common for herders to frequently pass the road with pigs, mules and horses.

It’s illegal to swear while you’re driving if you’re in the state of Maryland. It is actually a misdemeanor offense if you are caught by anyone. It looks like you have to bite your tongue even if another driver cuts you off if you’re passing through MD. The fine for breaking this law is $100.

Driving with a dirty car can get you a violation of five hundred bucks if you reside in South Carolina. This law was implemented due to health reason and to prevent car rats from infiltrating the car.

Having your tires screech when you are driving in Kansas is illegal. Violators can receive large fine and even possibly face jail time.

Don’t even think of changing your clothes in your car if you are in New York; it’s against the law. Penalties include possible incarceration and fines.

Alabama has a bizarre law which makes it illegal to drive when blindfolded. It’s rather bizarre that such a law would be in place to begin with. Why would someone drive when blindfolded? Plus how would they be able to see if they are blindfolded?

If you are in Oregon, it is illegal to keep your door open longer than is necessary. This law is designed from preventing accidents from happening since other vehicles and individuals riding a bike can get hit if a door is open.

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