Here Are A Few Tips For Getting Good Tyres

Posted by Admin at 1 May 2021, at 07 : 46 AM

Here Are A Few Tips For Getting Good Tyres

Whether you plan to shop on line or buy from a local shop, if you’re ready to buy new tyres for your vehicle, you want the best tyres you can get at the best price. Use these tips for getting good tyres to guide you. Let’s take a look at some information you need to know.

On the sidewall of one of the tyres on your car, you’ll find several squibs of information and codes pressed into the rubber. Right now, we will only deal with the ones having to do with size, type, and speed and load rating.

You’re looking for a series of number and letters that look something like this: 185/65R13 95H: The first two numbers have to do with the tyre width and its relationship to the sidewall height (as percent). The R is for radial (tyre type) which will be radial for most cars. The 95 is the load rating and the H is the speed rating. When you look at your tyres, this code might be in a slightly different order depending on where the tyre was manufactured.

Use the information from your tyre as a basis of knowledge as you shop. For most drivers, the tyres you buy should simply match these codes from your old tyres. You aren’t likely to go wrong matching your old tyres, especially if you have been satisfied with them.

Now the other considerations for which tyre to buy have to do with things like the climate in which you live, the terrain types you will most likely encounter, the performance of the vehicle, and the habits of the driver. If any of these has changed, then perhaps it is time for a different type, but an all-season radial generally offers the best compromise.

The tyres on your car are important for a good ride and handling, gas mileage, and safety. Hopefully, these tips for getting good car tyres should be helpful when shopping, and might lead you to further research.

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