Auto Tips: Used Car Extended Warranty

Posted by Admin at 14 July 2016, at 08 : 54 AM

Auto Tips: Used Car Extended Warranty

Sometimes, terminology can confuse people, so let’s clear up exactly what used car extended warranty actually is right from the get go.

Obviously, a used car is one that has been owned by someone else before you purchased it. I quite often say to my wife when I see the latest model car being driven around town that I hope the owner looks after it because that could be our brand new second hand car in ten years time.

Extended warranty simply means exactly what it sounds like – therefore, an extension of your warranty. Sometimes, you can pay a few extra dollars to a few hundred extra dollars to extend the warranty on your used car. Sometimes, for just 3 months and sometimes, as much as 3 years.

The used car extended warranty really gives you that added peace of mind and a feeling of true protection. Let’s face it, no matter how careful you are in selecting your used car or how much research you have done, there is no certainty that your used car is going to be sound over the cause of another few years.

There is nothing worse than handing over big money for your new vehicle only to have to spend more in the immediate months afterwards on a rotten lemon that keeps breaking down. This is where used car extended warranty gives you that insurance against such an event taking place.

In some cases, an extended warranty can help you lower your auto insurance costs in those first few years of ownership as well as increasing your chances of selling the car if you so desire while the extended warranty is still in place.

The last used car I purchased was at an auction. The vehicle that caught my eye was firstly one that I could afford and secondly one that still had an extended used car warranty on it. I was all set to buy a Holden Commodore, however, the price tag way exceeded my budget so I settle for Ford station wagon.

Deep down, I didn’t think I would ever need it, however, a few months later I was having problems with the gearbox. I took the vehicle to the car dealer in my town and despite having purchased the used vehicle at auction and in a different town, they honored the warranty and fixed my car.

I must admit I was worried they wouldn’t do it, however, to my delight the Ford dealership in my hometown of Goulburn came through with flying colors and great service and totally repaired the gearbox problem and it didn’t cost me a cent because the previous owner had provided the added insurance of getting an extended warranty from the dealer.

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