Automotive Tips: Do you need an Auto Warranty Broker or not?

Posted by Admin at 17 November 2015, at 19 : 23 PM

Automotive Tips: Do you need an Auto Warranty Broker or not?

An auto warranty broker is one who has on your behalf negotiated with the warranty companies and already settled on the best price and package for you.

The actual contract is only between you and the warranty company, and the broker is just a mediator who negotiates the best deal for you.

An auto warranty broker normally has dealings with multiple warranty companies. This is one advantage of dealing with a broker instead of directly going in for a manufacture warranty or dealer warranty or even warranty companies.

By dealing with a broker you can choose from various packages and deals and leave the rest to the broker. He will do all the necessary paperwork and get you the best deal. You just have to pay for his services.

A lot of dealers or manufacturing companies tend to make you spend much more on your warranty. They will convince you to take an extended contract even as you buy your new car. They even include this in your payments.

The bottom-line is there is actually no need to purchase an extended warranty as soon as you purchase the car. You are anyway covered with an extended warranty which comes with the car, and you can look around in leisure and settle for the best deal as far as your extended warranty is concerned.

By going through a broker, you will have a choice of multiple companies which are “A” rated. You can also save around 60% by purchasing from a broker and not from the vehicle dealer.

Internet is the best place to locate your warranty broker. You will also have details about what models and kinds of vehicles they cover. Any broker who covers all models and makes will surely have a tie up with top rated warranty companies. This will enable you to do a thorough research on various companies and the services and policies they offer and settle down for the best one that suits your budget and requirements.

Good, reliable auto warranty brokers usually offer a money back guarantee. They are also listed with D&B, Better Business Bureau, etc. Such brokers are really sincere and dedicated in their profession and will go out of their way to service you. Whether you go directly to a warranty company or through the broker, you must definitely make sure to go through the contract carefully before you purchase the warranty.

One of the popular warranty brokers online is the Auto Warranty Broker. This company is one of the most secure and best extended warranty companies online. This company has been servicing clients since 1975. They offer extended warranties which cover wear and tear failures, hi tech electrical, extended warranty emission, etc. They offer clients the freedom to choose their own repair mechanics.

Other facilities offered by them include payment of warranty installments of up to 24 months with no extra interest and fees, payment of claims through Corporate VISA which is accepted everywhere, etc.

Warranties purchased from them are transferable and last but not the least this company assures you of a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service in any way. One more advantage is that they cover almost all brands of vehicles.

Details of other good auto warranty brokers can be found on the internet.

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