Automotive Tips: Caring For Your Windshield Wipers

Posted by Admin at 26 October 2016, at 22 : 21 PM

Automotive Tips: Caring For Your Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers particularly suffer in the winter, as the cold weather as well as the ice, snow and road salt can corrode the rubber compound. When the weather gets warmer, check the wiper blades. Add windshield washer solution whenever necessary as winter driving has probably depleted it. Sometimes the screws will also become loose on the blades, so tighten them.

Most people are unaware that the normal life of blades is six months or a year and at this point they should be replaced. Not replacing them can cause windshield scratching, poor visibility in rain and snow, or they will stop working just when you need them the most — I even had one fly off the car in the middle of a bad snowstorm.

Sometimes it is necessary to straighten the wiper arm, so it can properly clean the windshield. You may notice the squeegee part isn’t laying flat against the windshield as it is making an annoying noise. This is remedied easily by bending it back into shape with pliers, but be sure to lay something under the blade to protect the glass. It once was possible to replace the squeegee, but in newer cars, it is necessary to purchase the complete assembly, so go to the auto parts store with information about your car’s model and make. The blades are usually inexpensive, and often the store clerk will replace the blades for you at no charge as it is a very simple operation.

In winter weather, when you are cleaning off the car, be sure to clear off the snow in the well holding the wiper blades. This is true also in the fall as leaves are apt to accumulate. Rust can also do a number on the blades, so check for that. If you notice the windshield is badly cracked or scratched by the wipers. you will have to replace it. Often a slight crack will expand until it is a real problem. There are also places where you can get a small crack replaced without purchasing a whole windshield.

If you’re cleaning your windshield (which is always a good idea) it is possible to carefully lift up the wiper blades so you can wipe under them. If they are in good shape, just wipe them with a soft cloth to remove any debris or bugs. Also, make sure the blade operation is working efficiently, from slow to high speed, and if not, have a technician fix them.

If yours is a cold climate, get windshield washer fluid which contains anti-freeze. It will clean your windshield of slush and other debris and also keep the windshield from freezing. If you do not need the anti-freeze, you can use window cleaner. There is a reservoir under the hood which connects to the windshield wipers with a tube, and this is where you replenish the windshield washer fluid.

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