Safe Driver Insurance Plan for Avoiding Speeding Tickets

Posted by Admin at 7 June 2020, at 08 : 13 AM

Safe Driver Insurance Plan for Avoiding Speeding Tickets

“I got pulled over for speeding the other night, but lucky for me, I got off the hook. I’m scared now, though, because if it happens again, then, I’m sure to get a ticket, and I don’t want to see my rates go up. How do I avoid this?”

Don’t speed!

It seems like it should be as simple as that, but there’s some kind of human urge to be going at a certain pace. It isn’t even consistent. Sometimes, I feel like I’m going too fast at thirty five. Other times like I’m just inching along at forty five. It really depends, and it’s something that you have to learn to control. I suggest that you come up with a safe driver insurance plan to help you avoid bad situations where you might end up speeding. And never allow yourself an excuse to speed.

One of the best ways to avoid speeding, doesn’t even necessarily involve you going at or below the speed limit, it’s called being aware of your surroundings. If there are several cars around you going sixty, then, you can reasonably go fifty and not risk at all getting pulled over. Keeping an eye on how traffic is behaving is one of the best skills for both avoiding speeding tickets and keeping yourself from getting into a car wreck. Knowing what the other cars might do allows you to compensate for them.

Most of the time, the thing that will get a police officer’s attention is you being obnoxious driving. One time, I got a ticket for having expired registration because I happened to pull up at a stop light behind a cop car and then try and pull away in a very awkward and suspicious manner. If I had just sat there until the light turned green and then casually changed lanes, he probably never would have even looked. Keep this principle in mind when you feel the need to go over the speed limit. Only do what the others around you are doing, because you cant be caught out if they’re all speeding.

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